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Atlas Shrugged

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (3 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)
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Atlas Shrugged



A powerful railroad executive, Dagny Taggart, struggles to keep her business alive while society is crumbling around her. Based on the 1957 novel by Ayn Rand.

Director: Paul Johansson

Writers: Ayn Rand (novel), John Aglialoro (screenplay)

Staring: Taylor Schilling, Grant Bowler and Paul Johansson





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2 Reviews for “Atlas Shrugged”

  1. The title may be “Atlas shrugged”, could more appropriately have been “Run For Cover”. How can movie going audience not be aware of just how cheesy a piece this turned out to be.
    Sorry to say I was not yet born when Miss Rand penned her classic, and I don’t know where my English teacher was when we should have been reading “AS”.

    So my awareness of the big book is somewhat newer than most. I became aware of it’s anticipated release through some Tea drinkers I sip with (AKA as Baggers I rag with).

    Well intended? Maybe, but it’s inexcusable to have spent whatever they spent on this production. Being an actor myself, I am always considerate of the choices others make in terms of
    scripts chosen, and personal acting choices.

    How ironic that Mr. Aglialoro’s twenty year old, $1,000,000 option to produce Atlas Shrugged was running out at this time in history. That fact alone could have been very useful in marketing.

    No matter how many previous writer’s versions might have seemed “wrong”, they could not have been any farther off the target than this. The film didn’t bother to allow me (the audience)
    to establish any feelings or understanding for the main characters, or for the very necessary fact that apparently, with petrol prices in the $35 per gallon range (OK, I know it’s supposed to
    be a few years out), they didn’t convey the fact that public transportation (such as train travel) was probably the only economically feasible means of traveling any distance.

    Europe seems intent on getting everyone to opt for public transportation rather than a personal auto. Petrol and parking are insanely expensive. Are we supposed to live like Hymenoptera
    (ants), having one or two breeding Queens per hill/hive, following the scent of the ant that preceded you. Hmmm, I’m rambling.

    The sets were the first indication of the quality of this production. Although the story is set only a few years in the future, the sets looked as though they were trying for something a bit more
    futuristic. And electricity must have become extremely expensive as all scenes were thoroughly under lit and lacked balance. The stock footage – at least it looked like it – was tacky at best.

  2. Frank says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing this yesterday. As an avid fan of the book, I was a little disappointed. The exposition at the beginning is long and tedius and almost takes you out of the story.

    The acting also was not at the level I was hoping for.

    But, on the whole, the film was ok. Once the story got going, I enjoyed the build up of the tension and the establishment of the relationship between Dagny and Reardon.

    What I didn’t like most of all was that there was not tie up at the end. The movie completely leaves you on a cliffhanger. I expected them to try and make it three separate stories like “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. However, they leave you completely in the dark as to the rest of the story. If Part 2 and Part 3 are not made, this will be a major disappointement to all fans of the book and Ayn Rand.

    On another note, I was amazed to see the parallels between the Obama Administration and the Government portrayed in the film. If you look at it from that standpoint and you understand that Rand was making a statement against her communist upbringing, you can see that the Obama Administration is clearly socialist.

    It is worth seeing for that alone.

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