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Mercury Men

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Sy Fy's Mercury Men

“Mercury Men” is the “Sy FY” channels latest venture into the growing world of web entertainment.  It is a ten part “on line” series fashioned after the old 1940’s and 50’s “cliff hanger” serials, like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Commando Cody.  It is presented in glorious black and white with each episodes run time being about 7 and a half minutes.

“Mercury Men’s” storyline should be familiar to anyone who has ever watched or read science fiction.     Aliens secretly land on Earth and covertly try to defeat or destroy humanity.  Up springs a hero like Luke Skywalker, Flash Gordon or Indiana Jones who will protect us from these evil creatures or die trying.  Throw in a petrified innocent bystander and a pretty woman and you’re all set.  Granted that is a very simple description of the “Mercury Men” story line but it pretty much sums up the story.  A summarized version of the storyline is listed below.

“Set in 1975 Pittsburg, Edward Borman (Mark Tierno), a disgruntled government worker discovers that his office building has been invaded by glowing men from the planet Mercury. These aliens have come to Earth to deploy their doomsday device, the Gravity Engine. But all is not lost for humanity, a mysterious organization called “The League” has sent Captain Jack Yaeger (Curt Wootton) to eradicate the Mercury Men and save the planet.”

Now being a writer I usually feel, as do most writers, that the story is everything but…….in this case it is not.

Curt Wootton and Mark Tierno as Jack Yaeger and Ed Borman

Independent film maker Chris Preksta, who also created, directed and co wrote the series, takes a very limited budget and turns it into a very enjoyable ride.  New comer Curt Wootton does a commendable job as series hero “Jack Yaeger.”  Overacting just enough to allow us to see the satirical connection this character has to the heroes of the old serials.  Mark Tierno, who’s previous credits include the award winning short film Lift, starring opposite French star Dominique Pinon; The Road; the Captain Blasto web series; The Mercury Men short film and  as “Beef Treats” in George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead,  does a convincing job as the terrified and typically inefficient government office worker “Ed Borman.”  Rounding out the cast is the lovely Amy Staggs as Grace, whose previous screen credits include Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof and Friday Night Lights.

Don’t look for any flashy CGI effects here or any Emmy winning performances by the cast, that’s just not realistic on the projects limited budget.  What you do get are ten episodes of total enjoyment and fun with a group of characters you end up rooting for.  Not a bad days work if I do say so myself.

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