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Alec Baldwin Goes Nuts On Twitter Again: Attacks Bush, Cheney, Mark Levin and ‘Right Wing Trash’






Actor Alec Baldwin for the second time in as many months went nuts on Twitter.

His targets Monday were George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Mark Levin, readers of the website Free Republic, and what he referred to as “right wing trash”:

For those not familiar with Twitter, much like a blog, entries go from newest to oldest. As such, Baldwin began today’s rant calling someone a “dumbass hillbilly” and then spiraled downward from there:

“Mark Levin loving zombie hater trash!!!”

“Free Republic, American Renaissance, gun-loving, war-mongering, trolls….bring it!!”

And, of course, the requisite attack on Bush and Cheney.

Not very original, but nonetheless entertaining.

From there, Baldwin started going after people for their low number of followers – a truly classy thing for a movie star to do – while making what appears to be anti-Hispanic slurs, and concluding with more Bush/Cheney bashing.

What I like the most about today’s rant is how this man who thinks himself a genius compared to others worthy of entering politics confuses “right” and “write”:


“I assume you can right off all of your write wing dry cleaning bills.”

“Can you right off the magenta panties?”

Quite the intellectual heavyweight, isn’t he?

For those that missed it, Baldwin made a similar pathetic display in September the evening Georgia cop killer Troy Davis was executed.

I wonder what set him off this time.

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