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Glenn Beck renews radio deal for five more years

glenn beckGlenn Beck‘s TV presence may have dimmed since his transition from Fox News to his own Internet station, but his power on the radio is still strong. Monday he announced a renewal with Premiere Networks to syndicate his radio show for five more years. The deal would mean a reported $100 million for Beck’s multimedia company, Mercury Radio Arts.

Beck’s show, “The Glenn Beck Program,” is the third-highest rated radio show in the country behind fellow conservative pundits Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. According to Premiere, Beck’s ratings have risen 50 percent in the last five years and he’s nearly doubled the number of stations carrying him, with 200 stations added for a total of more than 400.

In addition to the radio syndication, Premiere Networks, a unit of Clear Channel Communications, will continue to represent Beck’s websites to advertisers. The sites include his Internet TV station GBTV, news site, e-commerce site and his own fan site,

Beck’s subscription-based streaming site, GBTV, launched nine months ago and carries Beck’s daily show along with a variety of other programming, including a children’s show called “Liberty Treehouse.


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